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$ 739

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Recent Reviews from our students

Mr. Muhammad is an excellent instructor! He is very vocal specially on the mistakes and he will give you advice how to correct it. Superb at providing tips on turning left, right, any types of parking and switching lanes. Highly recommended! I just passed my G2 because of Mr. Muhammad.

Inish Dorado Rightway Drivers Student

Muhammad is currently my driving instructor and he is very patient and helpful. I got my G1 very recently and my driving has improved a lot and I feel safer while driving thanks to these lessons.

Nicole B Rightway Drivers Student

Muhammad is a very patient and calm instructor. He is able quickly identify my errors and provides detailed feedback on how to correct it. He is genuinely interested in making his students learn step by step. My confidence in driving has improved due to him. I will definitely recommend Rightway Drivers to anyone in the future

Anoop Gopalan Rightway Drivers Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner driver education is a course designed to help drivers in Ontario to learn the skills and attitudes you need to be a safe and responsible drivers.

>Completion of the BDE course will allow us to certify the student in the MTO system

>Students can get Driver’s license History at Service Ontario or online, which may help reduce their insurance.

>Completing a BDE course can also help the student to give their G2 Road test earlier, reducing the wait time from 12 months to 8 months.

The MTO-approved BDE program must be completed within one year of starting the Online or in-car lessons.

Not necessarily, At Rightway we give you the flexibility to choose for yourself. You may start the online course and in-car lessons at the same time or you may complete the online course first.

In order to start your in-car lessons, you just need your G1 license. You do not have to wait.

Yes, you can use your in-car instructor’s car for your road test, depending on your package. Even if you do not have a Road test package you can choose to book a road test with us independently.  Contact us for more information and guidance

Note: All Road test prices & Packages are for Local drive test center locations ONLY. For Road tests Outside of Mississauga, an Extra charge may apply.

Once your BDE course is complete and certified in the MTO system, a driver may be eligible to receive an insurance discount. The driver has to get a Driver’s License History record that can be obtained from Service Ontario online or in person. This Record is recognized by most insurance companies and can be a source of insurance discounts.

In order to receive your certificate, these BDE course requirements need to be fulfilled.

  1. 20 Hours online Class
  2. 10 hours of home links (homework)
  3. 10 hours of in-car lessons

Once you have completed the above requirements, you will be certified by Rightway with MTO. You can then receive your Driver’s license History at Service Ontario or online.

Yes, free pick-up and drop-off are provided within the vicinity of your home in Mississauga. Extra charges may apply to communities outside of Mississauga. Contact us for more details.

Once registered with Rightway Drivers Academy and you’re ready to start your in-car lessons, inform us. Our instructor will contact you. You may book a lesson from 60 minutes up to 120 minutes. A student can take up to 120 minutes per lesson per day according to Ministry standards.

10 hours of In-car training is usually enough, but every student is different. Student always has the choice to take more than the required lessons until they are ready and confident to go for the Road test.

We encourage our students to follow their instructors’ advice and feedback. We also recommend practicing at home.

Generally, one can go for their G2 Road test exactly one year after their G1 license was issued. With the completion of the BDE course, this waiting period is reduced from one year to 8 months and a student can go for their road test as soon as they are certified in the MTO system.

To book a road test, you may visit DriveTest.ca or call 1-888-570-6110. Your in-car Instructor can also assist you to book your road test. You can contact the academy if more guidance is needed.

RIGHTWAY DRIVERS ACADEMY covers cities surrounding Mississauga as well but if it’s too far and you are not willing to pay extra charges, you can arrange a meeting point with the instructor within the boundary of Mississauga. You can contact us and we can arrange that before you register.

Students are advised to give a cancelation notice 24 hours prior to their lesson. If not, they may be charged $40 in order to compensate the instructor for their lost time. The student is required to pay the cancelation charges at their next scheduled lesson.

A G2 license holder is eligible to go for the G Road test one year after obtaining their G2 License.

Rightway Drivers Academy has a “No Refund” policy after starting the BDE course.

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